Auto Window Tint Training:

We offer hands on window tinting training in small groups,(max 4) from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5 pm. We have 5 days classes for complete beginners and also 1 or 3 day classes for individuals who have experience tinting windows but want to get to a professional level. We also provide one-on-one training. Upon request we can provide a tailor made class schedule that’s suits your individual needs. We also offer zoom classes and consultation.

Our Auto Window Tint teacher at SuperTinters is an industry veteran with 20 years of experience in Automotive window tinting. He worked in many tint shops around the world and gained extensive knowledge of the trade. He is a well reviewed instructor and you can be sure that you will learn the most effective techniques that’s out there.


Besides the practical skills, we show you how to set up your business. What equipment to buy, how to price your work and how to market your services. You will get all the info you need about the numerous window film brands, what and where to buy materials etc. No questions will left unanswered. We are not here to keep secrets from you. In fact our teacher finds great joy in passing on his knowledge to the next generation of window tint specialist.

In our Auto Window Tint school, we take individuals on Monday with zero experience and by Friday they are able to complete a window tinting job on a vehicle. Not bad, huh? We want to encourage you to enroll to our classes now because our prices will increase soon.

Students who perform well, will have the opportunity to be recommended for hire to window tint shops.

Please get in touch with us via our contact form or email us with any questions.

Auto Window Tint Classes:

Complete Beginners Training:

Complete beginners classes are $1500 and the max number of sudents are 4. This ensures that we have plenty of time to spend with each individual and chizzle their skills.

Don’t be intimidated if you never installed window film on glass before. We are here to provide the best training possible. Our training includes everything you need to get started in the field of car window tinting.


3 Days Advanced Training: 

This is for individuals who already have some experience tinting windows. If you feel like your game could use improvement this is the training for you. We will review your installation technique and tweak what is necessary to be a more effective window tint installer. This training will improve your time and precision. It will teach you how to do a clean install fast, and how to use the least amount of material. We teach different types of heat shrinking methods. Shop based tinters and mobile tinters can pick up a lot of extra helpful tricks and become well rounded automotive window tinters.


1 Day Advanced Training:


Tint a car together with a professional window tinter. Just this experience can teach you a lot of new things.

The tinter will answer all your questions, point out your mistakes and gives you practical tips.


Our Auto Window Tint classes are held in Santa Monica, California. We have a great environment with many luxury cars and a cool vibe.


Why learn Automotive Window Tinting?

The Automotive After Market Industry size is 381 billion Dollars in the year 2020 and grows by 30% every year. Window tinting is a skill that you can learn in a short time. And with the right mindset you can become very good fast. The cost of starting a window tinting business is very low. The mark up on a tint job is huge. On average its about 80% – 100% in some cases it can be 200% profit. Advertising window tinting is not complicated and people already search for tinters, meaning they find your business by researching online.

There are different segments of the tint market. There is the cosmetic tint in other words the regular glass tint. And there is also a high end market. These customers are the ones who are looking for the best. A high performance window film installed on a car can cost up to $1200 – $1500. And of course there is everything in between.


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