Super Tinters – We Aim To Be The Best Window Tinting Company In California

While clear windows have its upsides, but there are times that you simply need window tinting. The reasons can be varied from increasing security to blocking the harsh rays of the sun. When the time comes that you need the services of a professional window tinter in Los Angeles, Orange County, or Inland Empire? Super Tinters is ready to provide superior quality services to you. It doesn’t matter if the job is residential, commercial, industrial, or automotive, we have the commercial-grade equipment and years of experience to provide top-notch quality work.

Why You Need Window Tinting

Comfort – it can’t be denied that the right window tinting can help increase the comfort levels of your vehicle or any building. In fact, window tinting allows your car to stay cooler by up to 60% during the summertime. If you feel that the inside of your vehicle is like an oven when you open it, then windows tinting can greatly reduce such annoyance. For residential and commercial structures, window tinting can help in keeping the temperature remain cooler during summer and warmer during winters. Furthermore, windows tinting can reduce glare, which can then help in the reduction of eye strain.

UV Protection – the right window tint can help block off 99% of the ultraviolet from the Sun. As a result, you’ll experience a significant decrease in glare while shielding the eyes and skin from damage. The UV light can also be destructive. It’s the reason why window tinting can help in protecting tapestries, paintings, furnishings, and upholstery from discoloration and fading.

Good Looks – tinting the windows of your vehicle, can give it a classy and finished look. Also, it helps in giving off that modern vibe. Furthermore, some decorative window films on buildings will give any glass surface an etched look without spending money on expensive glass etching.

Safety – Windows tinting can help in increasing the safety and security of your loved ones and belongings. The right windows tint can help in keeping the glass together in case of window breakage. This reduces the existence of sharp glasses that can be very dangerous. Windows tinting can also help in making it difficult to see the valuables on the other side, and this can reduce the occurrence of break-ins.

Privacy – a well-known benefit of window tinting is it can increase the level of privacy. A person from the outside will find it difficult to see who or what is on the inside. On the other hand, the inside party will have a clear view of the outside.

Energy Savings – as more people starting to realize, window tinting has a significant impact on energy savings. During the summer months, as much as 40% of the cost is due to the heat gained by untinted windows. Adding tint to windows can help reduce the heat gain up to 80%, and this translates to lower utility bills. For vehicles, adding tint can help reduce the heat build-up by as much as 60%.

Some Of The Common Window Tinting Jobs We Do

* Ultraviolet (UV) And Solar Protection – an excellent option for protecting upholstery and reducing the heat build-up. UV rays are harmful and can damage and age your skin. Cases of skin cancer are significantly higher in recent years. Our window films block 99% of UV radiation.

* Privacy Window Film – the ideal solution for increasing your privacy without having to spend an arm and leg. Prevents outsiders from peeking for valuables that may be on the other side of the window.

* Safety And Security – Security window films stop the shattering glass from hurting individuals in case of braking of glass. Intruders will find it hard to get through the window when security film is installed.

Why Choose US

At Super Tinters thrive to be the best window tinting company in Los Angeles, Orange County, and The Inland Empire. Below are only a few of the many reasons why our clients choose to hire us for their window tinting jobs.

* All-Around Window tinter – we specialize in all forms of window tinting, whether its automotive, residential, or commercial. We have already tinted numerous offices, cars, homes, and businesses. When it comes to window tinting, you can be sure that we know what we are doing.

* Experienced And Fully Trained – our window tint installers have a collective experience of more than 20 years. Installers received trained by industry leaders such as 3M. With us, you’ll have the peace of mind of hiring experienced professionals are .

* Multitude Of Options – when it comes to window tinting, there are plenty of varieties out there. In fact, most people don’t realize that there’s a better and updated option for them until they talk to us. You can always rely on us to give you the best options for the tinting job you require. On top of that, we also offer high-performance window films like ceramic and carbon tint. If you are looking for something that is a budget-friendly option, then we are more than happy to install a standard-film for you.

* Licensed – Super Tinters is a fully licensed company. We have all the necessary documents to operate as a legal business.

* Fully Insured – not a lot of people realize the importance of insurance. Did you know that if an accident happens to a third-party worker while doing a job on your premises, you could be liable for the medical and legal bills? With Super Tinters, you don’t have to worry for such a thing as we are a company that is fully insured. In cases of accidents while our staff is working on your property, our insurance company will shoulder the cost and not you.

* Warranty – we are very confident in the quality of work we provide, and that’s why we provide a lifetime warranty for automotive window films. For commercial window films, we offer a warranty of up to seven years.

For any tinting job you need, whether it’s commercial, automotive or residential, Super Tinters is always ready to help you. With fully-trained and experienced personnel, you can be sure to get a high-quality job every time. In fact, why don’t you contact us right now so we can give you a free estimate for that window tinting job you have in mind.